The 18th East Asian Economic Association International Conference

Other Accommodations

There are many hotels around the city center and there are many websites where you can book a hotel room. We recommend three places: near Seoul Station, Hongik University, and Yeouido.

Hongik University is one of the most popular places for youth and Yeouido is a financial center in Seoul City. Seoul Station is near the city center. All three places have quite convenient transportation (For Hongik University and Seoul station, Airport Railway goes through) and It would take about 30 min to get to the event venue by taking the subway. Many websites can help you with booking a hotel in Seoul (e.g.,

Other Accommodations

You can also follow the below steps find other hotels that would suit you better.

1. go to google search
2. type "google hotel"
3. type in the necessaryt information (dates, budgets, etc)
4. browse through the result and find your hotel !